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My newest scribbles and doodles, along with some decent work. :meow: I draw mostly fantasy stuff, my characters and other weird creatures, but I also love to experimentate with different techniques and subjects. I'm critique friendly, so feedback is always welcome! Go and take a look! :D

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"... CURSE YOU, SAGES... CURSE YOU, LINK! Someday when this seal is broken, that is when I will exterminate your descendants. As long as the Triforce of Power is in my hand..."

The End by Snashyle

I can’t believe that I really did it. :(

I started playing on 19 December, according to my save files and I only finished it a week ago, June 13th. 353 save files, 4 days, 11 hours and 51 minutes. OK, not quite a speedrun, but taking your time is just so much more fun, right? Besides: I got stuck so many times!

It started already inside the Deku Tree, where you're supposed to jump down on the spiderweb in order to break it.

Inside the Deku Tree by SuperPhazed

I did that, a few times, but it didn't break. So I tried different methods: a downward trust with my sword, with a deku stick, try lighting a stick in the room with the torch and take it back, nothing worked. After ten tries or something it finally broke: I must have not landed in the middle. :| I did the right thing!

And then the Death Mountain incident... 

Zelda: Death Mountain Trail by HaMinsu
Approaching Death Mountain by Desiree-M   Death Mountain by Gimmeswords

It’s really shameful to run into Death Mountain Crater and burn to death at least twenty five times while looking for that Great Fairy, while you actually entered the right cave from the beginning AND played the right song, but didn’t stand on the Triforce so you didn’t trigger the game to let the Great Fairy appear. Or at least I’m quite sure I played Zelda’s Lullaby there the first time. I think. Anyway. 

It wasn’t until I skipped seven years and looked for the Hookshot in the Graveyard until I listened to Navi and looked a second time on the top of Death Mountain, only to find out that I was so so so close. I felt really stupid. Facepalm 

Did I say Hookshot? That's another story...

Kakariko Graveyard by ValaSedai
Dead Again by ValaSedai

Dampé wrote in his diary that I had to visit his grave, but I had no idea where to look. I went twenty times is going into the tomb of the Royal Family only to be freaked out by those Redeads and play every song I know in front of the stone tablet at the end of the tomb. I knew it wasn’t there, but where was it then?

It took me so long to realize I could actually pull those gravestones backwards! I just don't expect such things to be possible, how could I come up with something like that? I mean, running into people's houses to break all their pots and steal their Rupees is one thing, but desecration of a grave?! I'm too nice to think of that, ok?!

And I could go on and on: Lord Jabu-Jabu.. I was really convinced I had to catch a fish at Lake Hylia's fishing pond to feed Jabu-Jabu. Who ever catches fish with a bottle anyway? In the Forest Temple did I try shooting the paintings but I gave up too early.. I should have know that one. I got stuck in the Water Temple at that one puzzle where you have to shoot the eye and immediately hookshot to the other side - I just didn’t get to aim right. And don't get me talking 'bout Dark Link: he evaded Din's Fire just fine.

Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu. by Snowflake-owl   Ocarina of Time: Poe Sisters by ruina
III. Reflected in Dark Water by thelegendoflauri

guess you actually are expected to do the Shadow temple with the Lens of Truth? WELL I DIDN’T!

After the Water Temple I went playing around again, but soon I had no idea what to do next. I couldn't get through the Haunted Wastelands as my Longshot didn't reach far enough. I was really convinced I would find either the Hover Boots or the Eye (!) of Truth as the treasure in Gerudo's Training Ground, but I was stuck there as well.

Then after a long time of bored running around I found out that Kakariko was on fire and Navi send me to the bottom of the well.  I really didn't understand what that all was about, I've been a million times in the well, as an adult and as a kid, but there was nothing there below! The corpse said I needed the Eye of Truth, I had the Mask of Truth, but there was nothing to be found. So, I went straight into the Shadow Temple. The Eye of Truth must be somewhere in there then, right? But everywhere they said I needed the 'Eye of Truth' to continue and eventually I beat Bongo Bongo without that Eye of Truth. Or something.

Shadow Beast-Bongo Bongo by linkhero55

But Navi kept bugging me about that well. I went down again and again and I still didn't see it. I had to look it up: turned out you could walk straight through the wall. I felt so stupid afterward, I've been so close! The Song of Storms did I learn like, right after the Forest Temple! If I just had run into that wall I would have had the Lens of Truth before I even went to the Water Temple! 

On the other side, once I got the Lens of Truth I could quickly finish Gerudo's Training Ground and make my way to the Spirit Temple without any hassle. :) Later I learnt there is actually some controversy which dungeon comes first, Shadow or Spirit. I believe the programmers had first the Spirit temple as fifth dungeon in mind, but changed it later on and so you are expected to complete the Shadow Temple before the Spirit Temple in the final game. If it wasn’t for that ghost I almost did it the other way. :shrug:

But of all of those things I didn’t get, the Spirit Temple was quite the breeze! Man, that place is quite beautiful! I didn’t get stuck at all, and I had to do only a few puzzles over because I screwed up the first try. I didn’t have to cheat and reload a save file a single time, I beat every monster and boss with the fairies I had with me! I even beat Twinrova in one single go! Go me!

Spirit temple by Qlockwork   Link vs Twinrova by AudGreen

And then I went to Ganon's Castle and got stuck in the Fire Realm part. How the heck do I need to get to that far platform if even the Hover Boots don’t make it? Turned out I missed the Golden Gauntlets in the Shadow Realm part. I did see the button, yes, but I was already happy that I made it to the other side so I let it be. I learned my lesson, never let buttons be. :stupidme:

Then I came into the boss room - I broke all the pots before I went up the stairs and that was a mistake, but I didn’t know! I thought it was to stock me up before the battle. It didn’t matter much, I beat Ganondorf on the second try. The first try I ran out of magic, so no Light Arrows anymore and all the platforms had fallen as well, so there was not much left to do except for resetting.

And then it was all over.

Don't get me wrong, I love this game! It was awesome to play through and I would recommend it to everybody who hasn't played it yet. It's a classic after all. I just had to share all my struggles in this adventure, I could not be the only one who had a hard time getting through it sometimes? I felt so dumb at times for not seeing how to continue. ^^;
See it as a tribute to this great game.

Cookie for you if your read through it all! 


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Artist | Student | Varied
Hello, I'm Snashyle. Well, that's not my real name, you could have guessed that. My real name is Saskia, but I don't like it that much I'd rather be called Snash or something because people on the internetz know me under that name. :meow:

Chinese Zodiac - Pig by Sharkfold Scorpio Stamp by SparkLum
Early Bird Stamp by Mirz123 Lonely by Mr-Stamp

I'm shy. That means I don't say (read: comment) much when I don't have something to say, and I won't spam your inbox with lots of journals. Yes, I'm always very busy with school and stuff, so there won't be any art floods either. You can safely watch me, you won't drown in my art! :aww:

- I think too much - by Yuhon Know Me Better Stamp by mylastel
Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-Flyer

CRITIQUE ME! No, I mean it. I'm here to inprove, so please say it when you think I should change something in my works. Don't be as shy as I am! :ohnoes: Tell me if you like it and tell me if you hate it. That's the only way we can learn something from it. :)

Critiques wanted by prosaix Art Is My Life stamp by Birthstone

Thanks for your visit! Hope you like my stuffs, please tell me if that's the case. :aww:

Snashyle's Artist Card by Snashyle


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